Monday, 04 July 2022
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RV Tires, when should you replace them?

There has been much debate and many schools of thought on when you should replace RV Tires.

RV Quality Inspections own experience with our motorhomes over the years has been, even thought the tire tread was in good shape and there were no visible signs of sidewall cracking it was prudent to replace your RV Tires at the 5 years from the date of manufacture (DOT Date Code). See prior post on how to read your date code.

Over the years there have been so many schools of thought on this matter, RV Quality Inspections decided to ask Michelin Tire Company, the manufacturer and supplier of many of the diesel pusher as well as gas and smaller RV’s tires what their position was.

RV Quality Inspections received the following input:

Tire manufacturers recommend inspection by a qualified RV tire specialist, such as a RV tire dealer at 5 years from the Manufacture (DOT) date and re-inspection by a qualified tire specialist, such as a RV Tire dealer a minimum of every year thereafter. It is recommended that any tire in service 10 year or more from the date of manufacture, including spare tires, be replaced with new tires as a simple precaution even if such tires appear serviceable and even if they have not reached the legal wear limit. It should also be noted Michelin tire warrantee is for 7 years.

So, the official stance is no matter what, if the date code on your tires are 10 or more years from manufacture, replace them. But have them inspected every year after 5 years from manufacture (DOT date code) by a tire specialist such as a RV or Commercial tire dealer. If your RV is parked for long periods (a month or more) inspection more often is recommended.

It’s now easy to see why it’s so important when you are purchasing tires, the first question before the installer places them on your RV, tow vehicle, 5th wheel, trailer or for that matter on your auto, ensure the tires you are purchasing have a DOT date code as close to the date you have purchased and are installing them on your RV. It’s very common to see date codes a year or more older than the date of purchase. The tires have been sitting, more than likely in a non-conditioned warehouse for a year or more, not tires we feel, you should consider purchasing.

Be a savvy purchaser, when obtaining quotes for tires, after the salesperson gives you a price, inform them you wish to have “fresh DOT date codes” and will be requesting confirmation of the DOT date codes before installation.


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Disclaimer: An RV inspection by Art Horton LLC is not in any way to be considered a warranty or guarantee (expressed or implied) on the unit being inspected. It is simply a “snapshot” of the condition of the unit and the items inspected at the time of the inspection, based on the inspectors’ opinion. Art Horton LLC cannot and will not be responsible for the condition of the RV after the inspection.

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