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Why should you get a Quality RV Inspection?


Most of the time RV’s are much more complex than any regular home. RV’s are homes squeezed into much smaller spaces which creates potential for problems in the future. Major issues can appear just by adding the amount of road travel, bad workmanship or lack of maintenance.

When getting an inspection an underlying problem may appear. For example, when you get the inspection a problem may be discovered, such as, the electrical system being wired wrong and the RV has an open ground. Or a previous owner could have drove a screw in the electrical wire in the wall, causing an area of live voltage along the edge of the entryway door.

A sidewall inspection may reveal that one entire sidewall is delaminating, or that a slideout mechanism is failing.

A Quality RV Inspection by Art Horton LLC may reveal the existence of a leak within the RV system or faulty emergency windows.

A strong recommendation would be to get a Fluid Analysis. A Fluid Analysis of the coolant, engine, transmission, and generator oil is an essential part of every inspections. Potential problems for the engine, transmission, coolant systems and generator may be revealed from the samples taken. It may also alert you to existing or possible upcoming repairs. Another recommendation would be to get a continued sampling on a regular basis.

Getting a Quality RV Inspection by Art Horton LLC includes an evaluation on the functionality of the RV appliances. This evaluation will alert you before your purchase that the refrigerator may need replaced or that the air conditioner/s isn’t cooling efficiently.

These are just a few features of a Quality RV Inspection by Art Horton LLC that can help you make an informed buying decision.

Sellers: If you plan to sell your RV, getting an Quality RV Inspection by Art Horton LLC can give you a list of items to address before placing your RV on the market. If everything passes the inspection you will have a professionally completed report from an objective third party inspector to show to your potential buyer.


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My wife and I are buying our first Class A RV. Since we are looking at pre-owned we knew that we needed a great deal of assistance in knowing what … read more


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RV D@ily Report

To inspect or not to inspect, what RVers told us

Most people wouldn’t purchase a home without hiring a trained professional to thoroughly inspect it. An inspection can show the unseen; the problems that lurk within the walls, under the shingles or in the foundation.

The same is true for your RV. An inspection by a qualified RV inspector can uncover what is hidden from the eye. Yet, many people do not get an RV inspected before they purchase it, despite the fact that, in some cases, these units cost nearly as much as a sticks-and-bricks home.

Certified RV inspectors can help prospective buyers make informed purchase decisions as they examine the overall condition of the vehicle and report their findings, even if the only thing uncovered is a minor cosmetic issue.

RV Daily Report recently launched a survey to hear more about RVers experiences with RV inspections. The following is what we learned:

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Disclaimer: An RV inspection by Art Horton LLC is not in any way to be considered a warranty or guarantee (expressed or implied) on the unit being inspected. It is simply a “snapshot” of the condition of the unit and the items inspected at the time of the inspection, based on the inspectors’ opinion. Art Horton LLC cannot and will not be responsible for the condition of the RV after the inspection.

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