Monday, 21 September 2020
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Allen and Karen Barnes
2020-08-23, 10:47
We were so excited to have an inspector of Art's caliber to help us decide on a camper for full-time living! Art was extremely helpful and wonderful to work with! He was very thorough and left no stone unturned in this inspection. We were very impressed with the level of work he did! His level of knowledge of the camper and the dealership was invaluable in our decision. We'd like to feel that we not only had an incredible inspector, but made a friend in Florida!
Hilton Jones
2020-08-20, 13:38
Arthur was great to work with. His thoroughness and recommendation to get a fluid test saved us from a bad purchase. Thanks so much Arthur!!!
Rogerio Da Mata
2020-08-05, 20:36
Money well spent! Art's inspection uncovered several issues that were corrected by the dealer before I would fly to pick up the RV, including some serious safety issues! His thorough work gave me the information I needed to close the deal and drive the RV from FL to my residence in CT with confidence. Thanks Art!
Wes and Hazel Teal
2020-07-15, 20:18
We recently purchased a 2017 Tiffin Phaeton 40AH that was about 500 miles away. I wanted an independent inspection on such a large purchase. Art was immediately available and completed the inspection the same week I called! He was very thorough and readily available for several phone calls before and after the sale. I cannot stress the importance of testing ALL fluids as part of the inspection. I gained valuable information about the coolant in my Tiffin by doing this! I have met some really great informative people already as I am new to the RV community. Art is one of those people and I feel blessed to have his assistance. He is professional and thorough! Thank you Art for your help!!
GuestJulie Kelley
2020-07-15, 11:47
We are first time RV buyers, so we had many questions and concerns for Art. He was so knowledgeable and professional, as well as helpful and positive every time we contacted him (and there were quite a few)!
At first, we thought the charge for the inspection might be a little expensive, but after seeing the report and having all of the detailed notes, we realized it was money well spent, and a very reasonable charge.
The time and effort spent by Art to make sure we had all the information needed was no small effort on his part. Added to that, the day was extremely hot and muggy, and he had to move locations to complete part of the inspection. What a trooper!
We’re very glad to have found Art and his service, and we have put his name at the top of our “Good as Gold” list. ?
2020-07-13, 14:49
Art did a great job inspecting the rv I am considering purchasing. He explained everything prior to the inspection. He thoroughly inspected every component of the rv and patiently answered every question I had afterward. He found safety issues along with other smaller imperfections which were detailed on his report. Everything he did was done in a timely and professional manner. I highly recommend Art.
2020-07-04, 09:48
Art was PHENOMENAL to work with! We are first time RV buyers, and Art helped us avoid buying a lemon with his thorough and factual inspection. He was incredibly easy to work with and has a wealth of knowledge that we found helpful. We'd definitely use Art again and can't recommend him highly enough. Thanks, Art!
Bonnie & Dennis Gilmore
2020-05-07, 12:02
It is often said that a job well done is so much better than well said. Art, your good work deserves the heartiest appreciation and attention to detail, exemplary. We did not want to spend extra money for an inspection, but are thankful we did. We are both very thankful for an 'over the top' professional, thorough and concise inspection on our 2015 Thor Vegas RV.
Bruce Moe
2020-04-20, 11:02
We recently Purchased a 2015 Coachmen Prism and had Art do the Inspection. His expertise, accuracy and thoroughness allowed us to close the deal with the knowledge that there would be no surprises once we got home. In addition, Art has allowed us to call him regarding questions about how the systems work and how best to take care of them. He literally has had a hand in writing the book on RV inspections. If you have Art do your RV inspection, you will know exactly what you are getting when you purchase an RV. Thank you, Art
Fran S
2020-02-12, 12:57
Art Horton, LLC provides a wonderful service for those of us who need the peace of mind of knowing the RV we are purchasing is in good working order. His service is done professionally, both in ease of setting up an inspection, and in the actual inspection itself. He is personable and takes the time for all your questions. After the inspection you are provided with both a copy of the report and a separate note explaining the outstanding anomalies found that needed attention. As an RVing woman making a decision on my own, it was so helpful to know I was not buying an RV that would fall apart the moment I drove it off the lot. The Comments and Deficiencies Report was helpful for the dealer to fix all the indicators pointed out by the Inspection Report..
Fred Wiewel
2020-01-04, 09:44
I highly recommend that a quality RV inspection be done before a major purchase. In the case of my situation, I was over 1000 miles from this particular RV and needed a good objective assessment. The RV in question was 10 years old, with low miles, and priced well below book value. My first thought was what was wrong? I contacted Art, had him be my eyes on the ground with his inspection. Art was very thorough and professional. I was able to have the dealership address the concerns he had with the unit and completed the purchase. Art kept me informed thru the whole process. I would use his service again and suggest that you do too.
Paul and Peggy Meehan
2019-10-28, 03:45
Reached out to Art to see if he could inspect a 2014 Dutch Star. Art was very quick to reply. The inspection was performed professionally and in a timely fashion! Even the dealer was impressed with Art! Thanks to Art for being able to inspect and provide reports within a two day time period. I would highly recommend Art to anyone looking to buy an RV even if you are experienced in the field. He will uncover any deficiencies that should be noted prior to buying a RV. Thanks Art!
Kristen Bradley
2019-07-31, 12:21
I live in Maryland and was interested in purchasing an RV in Florida. Art was fantastic and went above and beyond to inspect the RV.
He saved me a lot of money and a huge headache had I bought the rv without an inspection. I learned that inspections are the way to go! I definitely recommend Art to get the job done. Thank you Art for all of your help.
2019-07-25, 14:18
When we found the RV we wanted we checked out several inspection services and after a conversation with Art I knew he was the one for the job. He also explained the fluid analysis and how important it is so we had it done also and the peace of mind his inspection and the fluid analysis gave me is priceless. I feel really good about the purchase and know I'm not buying someones money pit. Art answered all my questions before and after the inspection in a prompt and professional manner both in emails and phone calls. I can't say enough good about how thorough he is and also how much I appreciate his service. I would absolutely use his services again and recommend him to anyone thinking of purchasing an RV.
2019-07-21, 20:25
My wife & I have never owned an RV before. We are boaters, and would never buy a boat without a survey. When we found a nice Itasca Navion that we felt met our needs and was a reasonable price, we arranged for Art to do an inspection.

Art did a thorough inspection and found several deficiencies that we would never have found. The dealer agreed to remedy all of these deficiencies. When the fluid analysis reports came in, we were disappointed to see that there was a possible transmission problem. However, Art put me in touch with the owner of JG Lubricant Services who discussed the possible problem with me in detail.

We decided to buy the RV, and used the fluid analysis report to negotiate $2,500 off our prior agreed to price. I am very glad we had Art inspect this RV before we bought it, and I would never buy another one without having it inspected first. Art was very professional throughout this whole process, and I would recommend him to anyone buying a motorhome.
2019-06-03, 12:57
We worked with Art for many months searching for the right RV for our needs as were purchasing an RV to live and travel in for a year. Art was absolutely amazing, given that all our communications were conducted via email and wats app. Art went above and beyond the call of duty assisting us and guiding us along the way, until we finally settled on an RV. We would absolutely recommend Art to anyone who wants a pre-purchase inspection.
Lisa & Bill
2019-04-28, 10:05
We purchased a new Grand Design and had Art come to the dealership to perform his inspection before we left the lot. Art was professional, thorough and friendly. He not only inspected, but educated us along the way. He provided a detailed report with photos that same day. I highly recommend using Art at RV Quality Inspections for any new or used purchase of an RV.
2019-03-27, 06:55
We contacted Art to perform an inspection on a unit in Florida since we live in Georgia and were unable to get down to inspect ourselves. He was prompt to reply to our inquiry and fit us into his busy schedule. The inspection was thorough and detailed and gave us all the information we needed to Run from this dealer!!
We are now in the process of having Art perform another inspection on a Coach in SC, that we have also inspected personally, and look forward to the information he will have for us with it.
I recommend the use of an inspector and the information the visual and fluid reports give you to make an informed decision to buy or not to buy. I highly recommend Art Horton, you will not be disappointed.
2018-07-05, 22:57
First time buyer that was looking to purchase a used Class A. The inspection identified numerous issues I would have never known about without the inspection. With the information provided I was able to negotiate with the dealer to get everything fixed. Some of these issues would have been very costly to repair after the purchase. Others were serious safety concerns. You cannot put a price on your loved ones safety. Worth every penny! I'd never consider buying a coach without first getting a fluid analysis and inspection. I learned a lot just seeing Art inspect the RV in person. If I need another inspection I would not hesitate to give him a call.
2018-02-18, 14:00
We were in the beginning stages of shopping for an older Class A Diesel Pusher when we unexpectedly found a floor plan we loved. We were visiting with family in FL when this motorhome presented itself. Art was in Phoenix when we called him. He managed to squeeze us in for an inspection before we had to leave. We met him during the inspection and had so many questions answered as Newbies. As a result of Art's extensive inspection and resulting reports, we feel like we were able to make an informed decision and negotiate some maintenance issues to be completed as part of the deal. We highly recommend a complete inspection before making such an investment. For us, this will be our full-time home so even more important to know what we are getting into. We will officially take possession of our new home tomorrow! Thanks Art!
Don & Lori Childers
2018-02-13, 18:42
Thanks for the timely report, Art. It was a pleasure working with you. Assuming the fluid reports are good we'll take possession Friday. We appreciate you taking time to answer all our questions and value the knowledge you passed on.
D. Lackey
2018-01-29, 11:46
Finding RV Quality Inspections (Art) was a godsend. We hired Art to inspect an older Class A coach that was priced lower than the market value. The coach had some interior modifications done that significantly reduced the number of sleeping accommodations so we hoped the price of the coach reflected that and not that the coach was garbage. Talking to two different sales people at the dealership, it sounded like the coach was in pretty good shape and well cared for. We were excited that our years of research and patience had paid off and we found our coach! But like was suggested on ALL the RV forums, we decided to have the RV inspected anyway. WOW What an eye opener! Art identified bad seals on the roof, slides, rust, items that were recalled but hadn't been replaced (fire extinguisher), and even alerted us to an outlet that had the polarity reversed, and the list goes on. Waiting on the oil results before making final judgment on the coach but using Art should be at the top of your RV check list.
2017-12-14, 18:09
Anyone who purchases an RV should have it inspected before purchasing. I had Art conduct two inspections; the first revealed many issues including a potentially dangerous (LP) problem, and the fluid reports showed some problems as well. The second inspection revealed issues/lack of maintenance with the roof. No leaks but the seals were cracking, and having been through a roof being partially ripped off because of a failed sealant joint, I know the importance of sealing regularly.
Art is very thorough and a top rate inspector, informative and helpful as well as a nice guy.
Thanks Art
Marty and Trish
2017-10-30, 13:40
Thank you Art for helping to make our motorhome purchase a little easier. We purchased the motorhome long distance and wanted to make sure that everything was in working order before we arrived for delivery. Art, working independently of the dealer, performed a thorough inspection inside and out of the unit. This included gathering of fluid samples for testing. He provided us with the reports, which we passed to the dealer, in order to make sure that any deficiencies noted were taken care of before delivery of the coach. Would definitely recommend Art to anyone who is purchasing a used motorhome and wants to make sure all is well. Thank you again for all your help and information.
Mike Hally
2017-06-21, 13:41
Art is a courteous, concerned inspector. He provided the expertise to us to make an informed decision. His emails kept us up to date in the inspection process, and after that, his follow-up information was greatly appreciated. I may not get to meet Art in person, as we are in California and he in Florida, but some day our paths will cross and I'll say, Thanks, job well done!
2014 Phaeton 42LH
John C
2016-12-19, 12:41
I hired Art to conduct a survey on a 42ft coach; he was professional, efficient and responsive. He explained in good detail what was inspected and his findings to include the fluid analysis. I recommend anyone contemplating the purchase of a used RV to use a qualified inspector.
2016-12-13, 12:42
Very good.... Art took his time and did a thorough job. Took his time to answer any questions that I had.
2016-05-26, 13:42
Very easy to communicate. Art has a very comfortable demeanor that promotes confidence that you are getting more than what you are paying for.
2016-03-16, 13:43
He was very understanding of how new this was to me and was patient as I asked tons of questions.


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Disclaimer: An RV inspection by Art Horton LLC is not in any way to be considered a warranty or guarantee (expressed or implied) on the unit being inspected. It is simply a “snapshot” of the condition of the unit and the items inspected at the time of the inspection, based on the inspectors’ opinion. Art Horton LLC cannot and will not be responsible for the condition of the RV after the inspection.

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